This rail construction for securing trenches is based on the idea of installing two guides supported with struts and combining them in stages with plates using special joining pieces. This solution has a number of advantages crucial to the construction of pipelines and in other applications. These systems make it possible to install other constructions inside the shoring such as retaining walls, foundations or building insulation. The use of the rolling strut makes it possible to lay large diameter pipes, while the unlimited combinations using plates or panel walls make the system highly versatile.

The strut length allows for the securing of trenches up to several meters wide and the use of plates up to 6.5 m long, making it easy to work in the trench to install pipes, construct or renovate pipelines, or install complicated chambers, pumping stations or various tanks. The versatility of the plates (in terms of length, height, strength) in combination with the panel walls makes it possible to safely avoid collisions or existing underground structures. Such systems are more durable than boxes and do not require the use of heavy-duty diggers. We invite you to buy or rent systems of this type. The best solution is to have some basic elements and rent the non-standard ones.