We have been producing aluminum shoring systems for 17 years. The products include aluminum combined with plastic, hydraulic aluminum braces, and trench plates made of commercial aluminum profiles. Since 2015, the trench plates, which can be combined into trench boxes and chambers for pit excavations, have been made of increased-strength technical aluminum using special box section profiles that we designed and were produced by Grupa Kęty exclusively for us. This resulted in an amazing work load comparable to steel (up to 52.2 kN/m2) and earned us a gold medal during the 2015 Poznań International Fair Intermasz.

Using corner slide rails made of aluminum or steel 1000 mm to 3000 mm long, it is possible to form a chamber in any configuration using the aluminum plates listed in the table below. The specifically-designed guides make it possible to limit the number of struts and increase working clearance.