From the beginning ofproducing trench shoring, we place great weight to the quality, correctness of the solutions and reliability of use, as well as the durability of our products. That’s why we design our products in accordance with the norms in force (especially the PN-EN 13331 norm), and the production process meets the PN-EN ISO 3834 standard. We earn certificates not only to be able to sell our products. The certificates we receive also confirm the European quality of our products. In many European countries, it is impossible to sell trench shoring without the EuroTest certificate issued by DGUV in Munich. For us, the certificates act as a verification of the quality and correctness of our solutions, as well as of their reliability of use.

All of our products hold the EuroTest certificates in force. To receive this certificate, issued in Munich, it is necessary to test the moving elements (struts) in a lab, where they are destroyed to verify their durability. The remaining elements have to be designed in accordance with the norms in force and their durability has to be confirmed with static calculations. The materials used must be certified and some of them are also tested in labs (e.g. the cast iron for making struts). Each of our products has the declaration of conformity with norms delivered upon purchase along with the DTR operation and maintenance documentation.